Assignment One Stage 1: Gathering Materials

I am feeling more confident with WordPress.  I had to start out on my iPad because I have been in Java Indonesia for several weeks and my computer was at home.

I have chosen “Tropical Tourist” as my theme because I love the Pacific Islands.  Have visited a number of them, was married in Vanuatu and holiday often In Hawaii. Below is the Mindmap I drew to get me started on my theme.

Mind Map Tropical Tourist

I searched around the house for objects to form part of my collection that best reflected my response to the Theme.  I looked for variation in height of the objects, different shapes, texture, form and relevance but still trying to capture the essence of  a tropical adventure. My collection is shown below:


I played around with the arrangement particularly the shells and looked at various options.  This one was chosen sitting on the turquoise cloth which represented colours of the Pacific and tactile woven texture.  The shells were picked up by me in Vanuatu (formerly New Hebrides) and I love their shape and particularly the markings. One of my favourite things are pineapples because of their shape and rough prickly texture. I collect pineapple objects like ornaments, jewellery and have even grown some pineapples here in Brisbane.  I think they represent luck and happiness.  Because of the intense heat a tropical tourist really needs sunglasses and aftersun spray.  Lastly the hibiscus is such a beautiful flower and comes in lovely bright colours and some amazingly big blooms.  I am not sure how to make my photos bigger on WordPress will investigate.


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