Assignment One – Stage 2 Observing Qualities

Following on from Stage One of Gathering Materials it is time to draw, sketch and make marks on paper of the Tropical Tourist Collection with the aim being to capture an impression of the display not an immaculate drawing.  I need to try to translate the energy, contrasts and surfaces and get on with making marks to represent what I see.  I found the blank page hard so I spent time going round Jakarta  trying to find different types of drawing material and paper (a challenge).  Finally as time was marching on I started with this simple sketch of my objects. IMG_7641

I found a Moleskine A4 sketchbook but I realise the pencil does not show up so well in the photograph.  Moleskine is an off-white colour. Next I decided to draw in the remainder a collaged photo (not sure what this technique is called) to encourage me to work with the pineapple shape.IMG_7643Then I decided to be inspired by Rosanna Wells and mark make into the negative space.  I could see this so easily as a stitch piece.IMG_7642After this I decided I was playing safe and there needed to be some more energy so I tried a like one minute approach.IMG_7644I came back the next day and looked at the aftersun bottle and decided to draw that. This time I tried charcoal pencil. I liked the charcoal and tried to get some idea of the roundness of the bottle.

IMG_7645I tried a simple drawing of one of the shells this time I took some Indonesian timesheet type thick paper and drew my impression in an abstract sort of way the marks on the shell.IMG_7646

I still was not happy re capturing movement and energy so did this really quick sketch with a felt pen to see if I could create something along these lines.IMG_7647Played with charcoal and eraser using detail from the turquoise table runner showing the running stitch and then close up detail using the charcoal with a putty eraser to remove parts of the charcoal.IMG_7648I

I considered the charcoal further and did a more abstract drawing.IMG_7649

I was looking at my paper collection and found a thick paper bag from one of the merchants and I squeezed it up many times to soften the paper and then I cut out the brown shell (in my Collection) and used a white waxed pastel to rub over to create an impression of the markings on the shell.  I was happy with this one.


Another day followed and I decided to dissect the hibiscus flower and do some thumbnail sketches of the various components. I found doing this focused me on the detail of the flower and the shapes.

I managed to find a shop that had some Japanese rice or silk paper so I painted the paper with Indian Ink and drew a “whole” hibiscus with white charcoal.  I liked the paper weight as it conveyed to me the fragility of hibiscus petals and I liked the contrast of the black background with the white drawing.

I love pattern and mark making so decided to focus on some work using articles from my Collection.  First the pineapple texture using charcoal.  I was interested in the smaller drawing how quickly I found a pattern from the china pineapple! The second larger drawing I tried smudging to get an idea of the centre although it would have been better probably to fill in the centre and smudge the outside to better capture the height. 

I used the inspiration of the shells close up to make marks.  I like these I like the way the water soluble pen created movement in the top work and I like the movement created with the pen marks in the bottom work.


I took the words from the After Sun lotion bottle and just wrote it many times over to create texture in the top work.  Finally it was the turn of the sunglasses and I decided to create a type of pattern with the shape. I used an eraser over the soluble ink to create the smudge movement.  I thought these two works were successful.

IMG_7661Overall, once I got going it was fun.

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