I will be submitting this work using this blog.  I hope that this works well for the Tutor. I have struggled a little with a Learning Log versus my Assignment and have tried to be reflective in my comments but I will appreciate feedback on this aspect.

My first response to brief.

I liked the brief I thought it was well set out in terms of what was required of me.  I love Tropical Tourist as I explained and can relate better to this theme than say Iced Landscape because I rarely see snow and never ever within 400 kilometres of where I live.

The requirements for lots of drawing and mark making made sense to me more after I did the Research on the eight artists.  I really found that an eye opener for me and has already opened doors in my thinking and in actions outside the course. I liked that the drawings related to the collection theme and not just abstract words.

Techniques were explored through selection, drawing and mark making?

I used a variety of media like pens, charcoal and Indian ink and various approaches like smudging, collage, ink wash to try to get across the actions I was trying to create. Also paper.

Strong points weak points

My enthusiasm is a strong point I think and willingness to keep an open mind. Weak point to me is to practice drawing, drawing and drawing.  I think my photographs on the cream paper are not as good as I would like.

New Skills

I undertook previous City and Guild but the exercises I was required to do did not come alive for me like this Assignment. They were exercises this is more than that it opens doors in my learning.  I also have not really believed in the connection between the sketchbook and your art/textiles.  I know to do it but it is not emphasised by some non UK tutors.  Their approach is different. Now I do see the connection and the possibilities.

Develop my work

In future I will be paying far more attention to my sketchbooks and the opportunities they present to explore subjects by developing close-ups, big drawings, negative space, small marks, big marks, pattern and trying to capture weight. Also thinking about texture in terms of the base material used.


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