Tutor Feedback – Introductory Assignment One

I received my feedback report on Assignment One from my Tutor a couple of days ago.  I have read it through a couple of times and again today.  Overall I am happy with the report.  The feedback on Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome and Demonstration of Creativity were pleasing.  As noted by myself in my written analysis of my work I have to work at my drawing.  I think I have always been an outline sketcher rather than a drawer so as my Tutor says I need to practice, practice and practice.  Rebecca offered some very helpful comments on ways to work on my drawing using different approaches and a wide range of mediums as well as reference to the OCA Pinterest pages on sketchbooks and drawing.

Under the area of Learning Logs or Blogs/Critical essays the Tutor thought that I had made a good start on my online learning log.  Rebecca noted it was well organised with lots of images of my work.  In terms of research she also pointed me to the Weareoca blog post on using research material.  Finally she suggested I look at a new book Slow Stitch: mindful and contemplative textile art by Claire Wellesley-Smith published by Batsford. and also Drawing Projects: an exploration of the language of drawing by Mick Maslen and Jack Southern, published by Black Dog Publishing.  I have ordered both books.

In summary, my Feedback was really helpful.  It reinforced my need to work on my drawing and indicated that overall I am travelling on the right track.  Providing additional reference material/books for me to work through was really good too.  I plan to draw regularly (daily is the aim) and to remember to use a range of mediums.  I also need to research widely and add to learning log.



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