Project 1 Exercise 1.2 Substance continued

Vintage Kantha Throw – Archive Article Two

The second article I have selected from my own Archive is a Vintage Kantha Throw. Details of Kantha generally are included in my previous post today. Claire Wellesley-Smith in her recent book “Slow Stitch” talks about a functional dorokha kantha which she describes (Wellesley-Smith, 63, 2015) “layered pieces of worn- out cloth (usually patterned lungis or sarongs) were stitched together using simple running stitch to make a two-sided quilt”. She comments that these functional items invoke intimacy and domestic use and the old cloth may keep the user safe from harm.

My throw was purchased from “Tree of Life” Shop here in Australia. The Shop owner has been going to India for many years and she sells an eclectic number of Indian items. The Vintage Kantha throw I own has fabrics that were confirmed by the shop as being at least 45 years old. Newer throws being imported are being made from new fabric. My throw has stains and some repairs but is beautifully soft due to the worn cloth and very comforting to touch. It speaks of the generations of women and men who wove, block printed, dyed and stitched the fabric. It is stitched with a rough running stitch.

IMG_3985IMG_3988IMG_7737I particularly love that pieces of the Throw are hand block printed with IMG_7752wooden blocks which are not always used I understand now days.

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