Reflection Part 1 Project 1

I found starting this Project (Part 1 Project 1)hard because I found it difficult to relate in some strange way to formal Textile Historical Archives. Australia is such a young country in terms of European history though certainly not in term of our Indigenous peoples history. I was fortunate in October/November this year to travel to London and attend the Fabric of India Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum and also to go to the Lace Museum in Brugge, Belgium. These visits and other Museum visits in Paris had a positive impact on me and I could understand the context of time better.  Seeing textile items centuries old helped me to feel more affinity.

Once I finally decided on my three Archive articles and got going on the exercises I loved them.  There is such a wonderful world out there in terms of Indian textiles and I would like at some time to be able to research much further.  Similarly, lace this is an exciting area and the work of modern lace artists is just fantastic.  I hope to go to the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney in the next few months and visit their Lace section.

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