Assign 2 Part 1 Project 3 Research Point 2

Project 3 Research Point 2

Elizabeth Blackadder

Elizabeth Blackadder is a Scottish painter and printmaker born in1931. Her approach to painting has been described as highly intuitive (John Leighton in Elizabeth Blackadder, 2011, p9)with her paintings loosely planned and allowed to grow. This can be interpretted as manipulating space, to exaggerate forms and being highly imaginative.

Around the mid 1970s her work became more calm and her lifelong interest in botany started to show with paintings of plants and flowers in watercolour. Elizabeth continues to make these studies until the present day. She was inspired by earlier botanical artists like William Gillies, Anne Redpath and John Maxwell and ‘began to look at the real thing with a fresh eye’(quoted by John Leighton p10 from Judith Bumpus, Elizabeth Blackadder, Oxford, 1988, p58). In this way she has helped to revitalise flower painting in Scotland.

Her flowers and still life have been described as breaking from the traditional organisation of space to create a ‘carefully composed arrangement of the objects against a flattened background, which is brought parallel to the picture plane’ (, p2). This means that the eye can look at the details without distraction from three dimensional backgrounds.

Jane Askey

In search of information about Jane Askey I came across her website and noted her description of her work:

“Jane Askey creates contemporary still life paintings in response to her travels and interest in decorative objects and flowers. She is a professional artist and freelance designer using mixed media including gouache. Jane exhibits her decorative paintings through commercial art galleries and works to commission. Her background in Textile Design informs her fresh use of colour and love of decoration.” (Source:

Her works are beautiful I love the way she uses colour and the way she does her backgrounds.

Her technique is to begin painting and to see where her selection of flowers, fruit and objects takes her. Jane uses flowers from the garden, scaps of fabric and found papers. and decorative ceramics to produce a personal mix of colour and pattern in relation to her travels.

Takashi Murakami

Takashi Murakami was born in Japan in 1962 and is a major artist in the contemporary art world. His style features bright colours and a pop out style and features images like smiling flowers, techniclour mushrooms. He works in painting and sculpture and also commercial type media like fashion and animation. He is the founder of the ‘superflat’ movement which ‘describes both the aesthetic characteristics of the Japanese artistic tradition and the nature of post-war Japanese culture and society.’( p1). In general Takashi’s work uses a wide range of mediums and is noted for its colour, incorporation of motifs from Japanese tradtional and popular culture and flat/glossy surfaces and content which is ‘cute’, ‘funny’ or’satirical’.


Philip Long, 2011, ‘Elizabeth Blackadder’, Yale University Press, London

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