Assign 2, Part 1 Project 2 Ex 1.8 Portraying by Drawing

Assign 2, Part 1 Exercise 1.8 Portraying by Drawing

I thought about how to portray my chosen subjects and decided on a variety of approaches.  I decided not to include flowers but to chose leaves and seed pods because I love the patterns and shapes of these.

I like the autumn leaves that are on display now in my street and beyond and decided to depict those using watercolours.


I then decided to replicate the leaves using the actual leaf and a gelli printing plate.  I used slow drying Golden acrylic paint on the plate and two layers of colour.  I like the effect you get using this approach.  Gelli plates are also good for using with fabric and this may have possibilities for future work.


Next mindful of my research and love of John Woolsley’s art work (discussed in a previous blog post) I sought out native plants growing in my garden.  I found grevillia bush with its thin spiky leaves, paperbark tree with its thick leaves and the eucalyptus trees leaves(variety unknown).  I depicted these in a variety of media as shown below:

I decided to use leaf printing on bank paper to depict the thin spiky leaves of the grevillia and followed that by overlaying prints of the thick paperbark tree leaves.  I like the lines these prints created and the possibilities for taking further in the future.


Next I gelli plate printed the eucalyptus leaves shown here on the right.


I also decided to do a quick charcoal sketch of a small branch of eucalyptus leaves.


Following on from these I decided to include leaves and some seedpods from exotic sub tropical plants and trees in my garden.  First I looked at the seedpods from the poinciana tree.  These are large seedpods and can be up to 20cm or so.  I attempted to replicate using a crayon rubbing – not quite so successful.  I include a photo with the actual seedpod.


Next I decided to draw the seedpods using charcoal on soft Japanese paper.


My other seed pod was a tiny round seed I found on the path but could not find out the tree of origin.  I drew with charcoal on Japanese soft paper and increased the size by like 20 times!

IMG_7883I next took leaves from my passionfruit vine and printed these on bank paper using acrylic slow drying golden paint.


Finally I took a dead head from a ‘Bird of Paradise’ flower head in the front garden and depicted it using a wash of watercolour and then drew using a small branch from the Paperback tree near by and Indian ink.  I like the movement in this drawing and the possibilities.


In summary, I have used a variety of media to depict my leaves and seed heads and a variety of leaf sources.  I am happy with the outcome and think I will have a resource to use further in my work.


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