Assign 2, Part One Research Point 3

David Hockney Part 1 Research Point 3

David Hockney is a renowned contemporary living British artist. He works in a variety of medium including painting, drawing, printmaking, photography and digital art. I had heard of Hockney but not been exposed to his work here in Australia. I really enjoyed looking at the Yorkshire Sketchbook, 2004, I found his sketching and watercolour and ink approach to the landscape, trees and vegetation refreshing.  I like his use of bright colour, foliage and brushstrokes. The lack of complication.

His exhibition at London’s Royal Academy in which he exhibited 51 drawings from his iPad as well as a series of landscapes of his native Yorkshire depicts amongst other things the seasonal changes over four years.  The tree is a key motif in this work depicting summer foliage and the bareness of winter for example.  The iPad works were enlarged and depict the arrival of spring along a local road where Hockney lived.  The grasses, buttercups and dandelions of spring feature in different pictures.

Hockney has been seen as innovative for his use of painting using an ipad as the canvas. He started out using the App ‘Brushes”.  He likes to experiment with the latest technologies to learn new ways to make images.

He has also embraced the iphone and emails pictures of flowers drawn from his window on a daily basis to his friends.  Virtual flowers!!


Hockney’s Pictures, 2012, Thames &Hudson

David Hockney A Yorkshire Sketchbook, 2004, Royal Academy of Arts

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