Written Reflection Part ONE

What have I learned over the course of the projects in Part ONE?

Reflecting on my work in Part One I have gained firstly, a much greater appreciation of the significance for future work of archival textiles.  I have not previously given much thought to really examining pieces of old textiles and using aspects e.g. press studs, mending, stitches to inform design elements.  Also reflecting in samples the tactile nature  of these old pieces has been interesting too.  It has opened up a whole new world for me.

Second, I have a much greater appreciation of mark making.  I now get the significance and the massive possibilities for design and to now use my eyes and look for opportunities to record all sorts of marks e.g nature, and man made.  I have started a sketchbook just to record marks I come across with the idea of using them in my textile work.

Third, I loved doing the collage work and this has heightened my awareness of using this type of approach to a range of work generally in the textile arena.  I now have a big range of books on collage and have been doing small fabric samples as 30 minute exercises to get my creativity flowing.

Fourth, I enjoyed the work on leaves and seed pods and the challenge I set myself to depict these in a variety of drawing and media.  I think my drawing is getting more ‘freer’ and I like the results and the way these can provide inspiration for future work.

I found using the mind maps I created at the beginning of the work on Part One so helpful to ensuring I was ‘on track’.  I also developed more recently a Project Plan for Assignment Two work with estimated times to undertake Project tasks and estimated dates.  This has been very valuable in finding out where I have underestimated time for photographing and blogging all my work as well as stopping me going ‘off track’ to follow an idea or Painter that I was inspired by but to remind myself to get on with my Assignment!


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