Assign 2, Project 2 Drawing with Stitch Ex.2.4

Project 2, Exercise 2.4 Developed and composed Samples

This exercise is designed to help me explore the role of evaluation, selection, development and refinement in my design and mark making process by developing two larger stitched paper pieces approximately A4 to A3 size.  I need to use two different drawings from the six I used to work the earlier work.

I need to think about the scale composition and layout of the samples and make sure use my sketchbook to plan out some ideas using my drawings.

Sample 1

I have been drawing in my sketchbook and sampling substrates I wanted to think about the shadows and folds in the kantha purse but I am trying but find it hard to replicate the shadows I think I will just keep trying with folds in general until I feel that I can draw them well – that may be a long term assignment!  From this experimenting I have the idea to use scrunched brown paper and use a grid like I sketched in one of my earlier drawings to represent an area of the kantha throw rug but within the grid to do markings in stitch that represent various marks I have drawn in my work. So this will be bigger sample one.

I worked in my sketchbook to try to work out my ideas further see pictures below:

From this work I developed my sample.  I found the scrunched brown paper amazing it felt just like fabric.  I was happy with some of the grid areas the ones with the thicker or darker thread.  I thought the mid town brown in grid 4 and  grid 6 got lost on the paper.


I found the bright tropical light here in my room in Jakarta hard to not get extra type shadows in the photograph but if I removed from the light the photo did not show any of the folds and scrunches!  So I went with the photo with the shadows.

I have worked in my sketchbook on Sample 2 and will discuss that and the sample in the next post – still working on the sample!

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