Sketchbook notes

Aide Memoir

I am reading Gwen Hedley’s book ‘Draw to Stitch'(2010) and noted Gwen’s comments on sketchbooks. Gwen says (p9) that drawing from close observation enables us to get to know the design reference thoroughly, to appreciate its characteristics and to understand every little detail of the qualities of its line, texture and form.

I also noted that Gwen uses several sketchbooks at the one time:

  1. a small one for the bag
  2. a hard backed square format
  3. larger spiral bound A3 book (to stick things into, draw, write descriptions or ideas.

I liked the idea too that she opens out and writes on old envelopes which she then sticks into the A3 book.  She may take an idea from the small notebook and develop further in the A3 book with more drawings from photographs.  She also says to look really well at the colours and takes notes in the small book in terms of the actual yellow, is it lime/yellow, buttercup etc and to think about making small patches of colour to accompany the notes.

The comment Gwen says that it is important to remember that the aim of drawing is not to  reproduce line exactly (like a camera) but to interpret it, to find its essence, sometimes exaggerating its characteristics I found really helpful to remember.


Gwen Hedley, 2010, “Drawn to Stitch”, Interweave, Loveland, CO


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