Assignment Two Stitched Piece One

Assignment Two, Stitched Piece One 

The aim of this assignment is to consolidate my exploration so far by creating a series of stitched textiles.  To employ observational and compositional skills in addition to material and technique handling in the creating of these stitched textiles.

The idea is to create a series or small collection of stitched textiles inspired and informed by my drawings and my stitched paper explorations.  In doing this I will develop a series of three stitched pieces showing a sense of repetition, variety of scale ad a placement design. These pieces will be larger than A4 and may not necessarily be the same size.

Stitched Piece One – REPETITION

I explored my idea to use kantha stitch inspired by my paper samples and drawing of the kantha purse and the waves in the way kantha stitch works on the fabric in my A3 Sketchbook.  I like now the idea of working in the sketchbook before I undertake the actual work on a piece.  This is not the way I have worked in the past but I now am seeing the value of using the sketchbook for ideas and samples and drawing.

The first photo below is my thinking and sampling of different types of fabrics which I have hand dyed with procion dye.  I also sampled the type of running stitch I wanted to use and the colour of the thread I would use.


I chose the flour cloth because it was soft to show the drape/waves in the piece and for a backing I chose kona cotton – all hand dyed by me with procion dye.  I chose a valdani cotton thread with a slight variation and it is a perle 12.  The piece is larger than A4. I decided to add the top flour cloth using  a diamond pattern for more interest. It took me 10 hours to do the stitching but I enjoyed.


A close up of the stitching showing the movement/waves on the flour cloth fabric creating shadows.


4 thoughts on “Assignment Two Stitched Piece One

  1. That looks lovely. I’m impressed that you’ve died the fabric yourself. You seem to be whizzing through this assignment! I’m just about to start the stitched pieces but have come to a complete standstill. I’ve been ignoring the brief and having a play around with some fabric, as I felt it was a bit of a leap from sewing on paper to fabric. Well done.


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