Assignment Two – Stitched Piece Two

Assignment Two – Stitched Piece Two – Variety of Scale

I thought of my newspaper scrunched sample of a large seed pod, based on my drawing of the seed pod, for my second piece.  I wanted a textured type base cloth which you might find on some tree trunks and I wanted a fabric I could create folds with for the seed pod.  I decided to scale up the seed pod sample to fit a piece of fabric larger than A4.

I played with my ideas in my sketchbook first:


I hand dyed using procion dye a number of different fabrics including cotton, cotton drill, silk, organsa, cotton velvet, ‘butter muslin'(similar to scrim in the UK).

I chose the cotton velvet for the base cloth as I liked the richness of the dyed colour and the texture.  For the seed pod I auditioned silk, cotton, organza and butter muslin. The butter muslin worked really well.  The muslin piece I had dyed I had pleated to create folds created more interest too.  I felt a little out of my comfort zone doing this piece but it is also interesting to see what evolves and works!  I chose a thin thread for the stitching and overcasting.


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