Assignment Two: last Research Point 1

Assignment Two: Research Point 1

This Research Point focuses on textile artists and designers who choose to work with found, recycled, worn or even discarded textiles and materials.  I can think of several like Claire Wellesley-Smith(UK), Cas Holmes(UK), Judy Martin (Canada) but have decided to look at the work of Jude Hill (USA).

Jude Hill has been described as a storyteller whose textile work blends piecing, appliqué, kantha stitching and embroidery into organic who cloth pieces rich in imagery and revelation.  Jude’s materials are made up of raw fragments of cloth and she uses repetitive hand stitching to weave her mythical, imaginative and interesting work.  She shows her work which she calls ‘spirit cloth’ using social media primarily a blog.  Her work has been featured in several magazines like Quilting Arts and Handeye.  She challenges herself with the phrase “What if …”.  She has always used found cloth and preused cloth and started by using her stitching as a drawing tool and sewing on her long commute to work.

She has used imagery like lions, often hearts, circles and dots.  Jude has travelled and studied ethnic textiles and different cultures and this background is sometimes reflected in her work.  She uses simple hand stitches mostly based on the running stitch.  She has indicated that her pieces evolve through a process of ‘thought catching’ and ‘what-iffing’. I like this approach and especially the ‘What if …” which challenges one to take a piece or technique that much further.

She uses layers and unconventional cloth construction always with pre loved fabrics. Her website is extensive and really inspirational and contains numerous examples of her work.


Handdyemagazine –

TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List/Jude Hill – Spirit Cloth



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