Assignment Two: Stitched Piece Three

Assignment Two: Stitched Piece Three

For the third stitched piece I thought about developing the design pattern formed by the poinciana tree pod I had drawn previously.  The pod has a series of little bridge type lines that inspired me and I worked on my ideas in my sketchbook.  As in the previous sample Two I included a small print of my drawing glued to the sketchbook page as an easy reference particularly when looking back in the future.

IMG_7920I played around on the sketchbook page and gave lots of thought (the way I often work) to what might work.  I finally decided to gelliprint with black/brown red fabric ink on a piece of my hand dyed cotton fabric (procion) a pattern  inspired by the ridges on the seed pod.  These I then decided to stitch in lighter brighter threads using a mark making line slightly wonky to achieve what I hope is an interesting pattern.  I varied the colours to add interest and the hand printing produced variation in the lines too. So the fabric would be more stable to stitch I attached (bonded) a piece of thin cotton batting that I had also hand dyed (procion) to the back.  The piece is larger than A4.

I liked the way the pattern emerged and the colours without consciously thinking are Australian Aboriginal ochre type colours.  The piece could be finished off differently like being mounted on an artist canvas finishing for show right on the edge of the stitch line.


And a close up of the stitching and showing the gelliprinted lines.  I like the way the gelliprinting worked with a type of outline on each section.IMG_7922

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