Assignment Two: Written Reflection

Assignment Two: Written Reflection


My immediate thought when I finally got to the end of the work for Assignment Two was one of relief.  The Assignment and Project Work was lengthy, and there are reasons for this that involve my approach and understanding about  the course, my discipline and organisation, illness and the distraction of other commitments.

I learned a tremendous amount as I  progressed through the exercises.  I had never really used a sketchbook to inform my work or drawing.  Drawing has been and continues to be a big learning curve.  What I thought was drawing was really outline sketching and this has been satisfactory for my efforts in my past fibre work.  So I have been learning to draw and to practice drawing and I have begun to find it enjoyable.  I like the way it is training me to really look and see objects and nature.  I am continuing to access external material/courses to help with my drawing.

I have gained insight into taking the drawing, the paper manipulation and thread on paper through to textile pieces and I really am happy with this discovery.

My organisation skills and approach to the course have improved in the last few weeks.  I now have a system in place that works for me and I try to work on my course each day as opposed to earlier doing some than not doing any work for a period.  I find using mind mapping to visualise what is needed has helped and a more detailed project plan. I have fought off a few illnesses and feel really well now which is great.

My strengths with the work so far are in my stitching and fabric use.  I have used stitch on a variety of papers and fabric.  I like the fact I hand dyed all the fabrics and found this worked well for choosing what fabric to use in the stitched pieces.  I felt much more confident when I moved to the paper manipulation and the stitched samples.  I could see the progression from the drawings and the importance of the drawing but with thread and cloth I felt more at home although I used different approaches and substrates.  I deliberately used a very narrow colour scheme because I love colour and that would have distracted me from the work needed.

Assessment Criteria

Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills

I think for materials, techniques (other than drawing), observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skill I have learnt and developed.  For drawing I made a big error in that I thought that I was drawing and I was outline sketching I also did not understand what was required (my mistake).  Not until I was given feedback on Part One did I realise what I was aiming for – what I really needed to strive for. I have been working on my drawing since then and  I have improved. I am continuing to access external materials and courses.  Whilst I have used some innovation in my samples I want to do more experimental work with fabric, paper and stitch together and separately. I think I relate to my materials and methods but need to stretch myself and see further the opportunities to take risks and use other approaches and materials.

Quality of Outcome

In terms of content, application of knowledge, presentation of work in a coherent manner discernment, conceptualisation of thoughts, communication of ideas  I have presented my work in a logical way and tried to explain how I got to a certain point.  I have translated my designs into fabric keenly and can see that I have so much more experimental work to explore.  I have communicated my Research Points well and have done a thorough job on researching each one.

Demonstration of Creativity

Imagination, experimentation, invention, development of a personal voice  I have been seeing doors open in terms of trying more innovative approaches.   I have used paper thread and less usual paper sources.  I have experimented with stitch in my samples.   I have challenged myself to produce interesting fabrics for the stitched pieces by hand dyeing a selection of fabrics and not doing flat type dyeing. I want to be more experimental and inventive in my work in the future. I would not go so far as to say I have a personal voice yet  but I have more affinity with natural materials and a strong preference for the use of surface design on textiles.


Reflection, research and critical thinking –  I have displayed research skills in my work on Research Points.  I have tried hard to reflect on my strengths and work hard on my weaknesses as I perceive them.  I have been open in my comments on this blog.  I sense I am a visual person and need to develop further my communication skills in describing my approaches to my work.  I found researching UK artists very interesting as I was not familiar with them prior to the course and I have followed up with visits to local Galleries to look more closely at familiar Australian artists.  I need to write up more about these visits and reviews and what I liked and why to assist in my artistic development.

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