Tutor Feedback – Assignment Two

Assignment Two – Tutor Feedback

I was really pleased with my Tutor’s feedback on Assignment 2. She commented that it was a “well thought through and considered body of work”. My Tutor also spent time in the feedback advising on developing my Learning Log/Blog and the development of my visual research skills by drawing and writing about the work I look at.

I have drawn up the following Action Steps following the Feedback:


1.Need to supply far more of my sketchbook/workbook work including work processes – PHOTOGRAPHS of all pages in my workbook. With the drawing work include the extra work using the “Drawing Projects” book and all samples.

2.Develop further my written skills about artworks – be aware of the words and phrases used. Include images of my work in progress. This will give me the chance to highlight areas in a sample as it progresses or the opportunity to record a stage of development that will later be lost (I am so guilty of this!).NB


1.Written content well done but need to include far more IMAGERY e.g. take a photograph of a page you are discussing in Drawing Projects that relates to the artist’s work you are interested in. Can do this by including an image of work that interests me and then start by using drawing to make an observational study. This does not have to be accurate but helps to show what I see and ideas and thoughts flow. This assists my work too.

2.In terms of Gallery Visits and researching UK artists I need to add IMAGERY as well as words. Also what I am not studying this could be from Pinterest, Facebook magazines like Selvedge books. Museums, theatre, architecture, TV, posters and parks.


Overall fine. Tutor suggests I continue to explore new materials, bringing in ones not mentioned in course material if I find them. Continue to use my drawing to inspire my sample making and recording ideas.


Improved. Suggests that I use watercolour, water-soluble crayons and inks also. Quirky tools like feathers, kitchen implements etc. Use my analytical skills to analyse my drawing and how to continue my development.


1.Kyra Cane’s book “Making and Drawing”. I have bought a copy and will review.


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