Assignment 3 – Project 1


Exercise 3.1 Gouache Studies

I selected three printed samples containing 4-6 colours and one neutral (beige/cream/grey/white) textile that has an interesting surface.

I worked with gouache paint some I had from a long time ago (hardly used) and I found that my yellow had dried up and my blue was not much better.  I am once again in Indonesia at the present and managed to buy some gouache paints for seven dollars made in China.


My printed samples are presented on white watercolour paper with the corresponding colour chips attached below.

3.1 Sample 1


3.1 Sample 2

IMG_62363.1   Sample 3

IMG_6240PART 2

I selected my printed square and drew my 20cm square and place the fabric in the centre.  I mixed my gouache paints again and tried to match to the sample by extending the design out to the 20cm square size.


This was an interesting exercise – some worked better than others – I found the colour of some changed when dry – paler/chalkier which was disappointing.  On the positive side the exercise has made me think much more about graduations of value with a base colour – adding black to make a deeper shade – adding white as a tint.  Combining colours and adding some black or some white in my efforts to match as closely the colour. I also noted different proportions of colour e.g. sample 2 lots of white on the selected background with pops of colour in the pattern.

Assign 3 Exercise 3.1 PART 3

I selected my neutral sample and placed on a 20cm square of paper.  The fabric sample was bought in the Jakarta Fabric Market – see photograph of stall below:


The market is just the most amazing place to visit – there are all types of fabric – cotton, silk, blends, velvet and trims some very exotic.  There are hundreds of stalls and it is very ‘squeeze’ but the tactileness and colours of the fabrics are alluring.

My neutral fabric with the colours extended into the 20cm square:




2 thoughts on “Assignment 3 – Project 1

  1. IT’s hard to tell from photographs but your colour matching looks spot on! I think dark gouache always dries lighter and vice versa. I found my blue particularly lumpy and prone to rubbing off- be careful when stacking them, mine went everywhere! 😃


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