Exercise 3.2 Translation through Yarn 2

Ex 3.2 Translation through tarn – yarn wrap

For some reason my iPad would not let me post photos of the yarn wrap on the previous blog post so I am doing a separate post.

I examined the colours in the Niccolo Possino painting I had selected and created a yarn wrap to reflect the colours, colour relationships and proportion so colour across the painting. The wrap is shown below. imageI tackled the task by going to my big box of threads and yarns which I have organised into plastic bags of colour families.  I have collected the threads/yarns over the last few years.  I chose the colour that was closest to a particular colour used in the painting working from right to left from the painting and also right to left on the yarn wrap.  I found the exercise interesting and it made you really look at the colours used by the painter and the variations of a colour.


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