Assign 3 Project 2 Ex3.3

Assign3 Exercise 3.3 Watercolour Studies

This exercise aims to help me explore and gain an understanding of opacities of colour through the observation and recording of transparent and semi-transparent objects by extracting colour palettes and proportions of colour.

I gathered together a range of transparent and semi transparent objects and set up a small still life display on a white paper background.  I experimented with different arrangements and objects and glass.  I found I liked the slight colour in the coke glasses.  The Fowler preserving bottles had a faint tinge of green/yellow.


I mixed my watercolour paints and painted stripes of colour on watercolour weight paper to reflect what I saw and the proportions in my composition.  Image below.  The colours have come out darker in the photo than my actual watercolours.

img_8079My second go was to place the coke glasses closer together.

img_8069My watercolour stripes made on watercolour weight paper are presented below reflecting my perceptions of the colours and the proportions.

img_8076This task was interesting because it made me really look at the glass and to look for some hints or actual shades of colour.  It made me see that there are so many different hints of colour in many different glasses.  After I had completed the exercise I continued to look at glass in shops, windows, household items and antique glass.


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