Assign3, Proj 2 Ex 3.4

Assign 3 Ex 3.4 Collage Studies

Part 1

This exercise is aimed at working in collage with a focus on colour and composition.

I took a photo of a messy corner of my pantry and using this photograph as a reference I made three collages.

img_8084I  sought my papers collected for collage which I keep in an old suitcase and for Part 1 of the exercise using A4 paper as background I created a ‘simple’colour combination collage of the top section of my pantry shelf.  By simple ,I interpreted it using simple elements .

img_8120 Collage two was created using an ‘unusual’ colour combination.  I took this to mean colours that I would not necessarily use together and may not feel pleased with putting them together.  So I used pink and orange and yellow and a rose colour together.  These are not combinations of colours I would chose in my work.

img_8118The third collage is made using a ‘complex’ combination of colours.  I chose lots of colours and I was tired of the straight line sides of my collage pieces so chose to rip the papers and have uneven edges.  It also represents the second shelf photographed in my pantry. This image represents to me the chaos or disorganisation of my pantry shelf!




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