Assign 3.Proj 2 Ex.3.4 Part 2

Ex 3.4 Part 2

Monochromatic study – Black and White


I read the information provided concerning this exercise and saw that patterned papers still fitted within the parameters of the task.  I used a gelli plate and acrylic slow drying paint to form patterns and used mostly thin deli paper to print on.  I also gathered some textured paper I had found in Indonesia and thin rice paper.  I used my previous collage 2 to inspire this collage.  I liked the interest that was created with the textured paper and the patterning.  The photograph shows the black patterning as very dark which was disappointing I think the actual work has more definition especially in the right hand corner.

Single Colour Study

For this collage I painted with acrylic paint pieces of  light paper.  I wanted to create dark , medium and light colours.  I added white to the blue acrylic and then black to the blue acrylic.  I tried to retain the same tonal values as the original collage.


Multi-colour study

For this third version of my chosen collage I decided to explore more pattern making on my gelli plate using a variety of tools.  These included plastic tile tools from the hardware store a hexagon shaped print block.  I collaged the background using light papers and ghost printing from the gelli plate with the aim of forming a more interesting background to continue layering the collage.  I once again used some deli papers and like the translucent effect.  I liked this one because it was more interesting and to me subtle.


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