Japanese textiles – Akiko Ike

I had the pleasure to attend the Brisbane Craft and Quilt Show this week and there was an amazing exhibit curated by Japanese textile artist Akiko Ike, the Exhibition include futon covers, patchwork jackets and coats, table runners and curtains a some huge pieces including a seven metre-long carp banner and a crane curtain.

Akiko Ike prefers the bork style of stitching where she uses stitches to bring life to old cloth – she uses the term Chiku Chiku which refers to the sound of the needle passing through the thread.  It is said to invoke a sense of calm and encourage dreaming!

Visitors where encouraged to touch the works and to feel their texture and to look at the layers.  She has used recycled nappies with shibori which are very old, vintage and antique fabrics and even old used mosquito nets.

A simple sashiko running stitch (large) is used with thick cotton thread (2 threads) which the artist hand dyes herself.

I found the Exhibition so exciting I loved the textures created with the thick thread and large running stitch.  The layers created with the stitch over the top of the vintage fabrics was fabulous.  The colours Akiko Ike has used for the threads is also exciting – some pieces had a variety of colours.  I took some photos below:




img_6822img_6896img_6899Akiko Ike lives in Niigata, Japan and began creating her stitched pieces at the age of 60 some twelve years ago.  She has created her own distinctive personal style and she holds several exhibitions each year.


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