Assignment Three Colour Communication

Making the Colour Research Book

The aim of this assignment is to employ a process of evaluation and selection in my own work and to demonstrate effective design, layout and presentation skills in the visual communication and presentation of my work.

I need to use my work from Projects 1 and 2 to develop and create a beautifully presented colour resource book. This book will form and ongoing (pages added in future) resource.

Choice of Book

I considered the type and weight of substrate for the book first.  I have worked my collage and watercolour exercises on 185gsm paper so I knew I needed a heavy paper for the book.  I choose 300gsm which is obtainable here in Brisbane. The paper is by Bockingford and is purchased in a pad of A3, with 10 leaves.

The paper size I considered at A3 or A4 – I am aware that later I will have to send my work by post to the UK so I considered cutting about one inch off the A3 leaves which would create a book slightly smaller than A3.

I have made a number of handmade books and these have been stitched simply or with  ring binder, spiral, concertina and some with coptic binding.  Given the need to post the book eventually I choose to make the cover and back page also from the 300gsm paper.

I thought about the aim of the book which is to present a colour resource book so dismissed complicated binding as detracting from the aim of the book.  Instead I choose a simple ring binder.  To reinforce the pages I choose metal eyelets.

I had some fun trying to get the rings right though for something so simple.  My first attempt result in none of the pages lining up and the book looked a mess.  Next I found my Crop a Dile which I had purchased years ago and watched some U-Tube videos about how to use and importantly for me how to line up the holes!

img_8197I thought about how many rings would work I tried a sample of three but that seemed clunky so decided on just two rings.

img_8196For the layout I decided I wanted just one piece to a page – to create a clean line and draw attention to the colour work.  In addition, as appropriate though I included the photograph that had inspired the piece.

I examined my work for Projects 1 and 2 and choose those works I was most happy with in terms of colour and design.  I added an additional piece of collage at the end of the book in neutrals with a pop of orange.

In terms of the cover I decided to use leaves from my garden to make it more my Book and I used my gelli plate with slow drying Golden acrylic paint and Bank paper (takes the paint well) to make a series of prints of palm leaves and an unidentified umbrella type shrub.


I decided to use a warm coloured print on the front and a cool coloured print on the back of the Book. It is very hot here in Brisbane this week (32 degrees) and it was a challenge to find a glue that would not dry before I finished applying in the end the Matt Medium Gel  by Liquitex worked best. Also I found if I used a thick rubber brayer to roll the pages after the gel medium was applied the works sat pretty flat.


So the print I choose for the cover is taken from a palm leaf and is double printed. I like that it has several colours incorporated the first print was yellow/orange and the next blue but I created mostly green on the plate.


The second page includes the story of the Colour Book.  I wanted to write this rather than write one for each page because that would detract I thought from the main emphasis of colour on the relevant page. Here is the Introduction which is inside the front cover.


Page One: ( Translation through yarn)


Page Two and Three: (Fabric and Colour matching)

img_8202Page Four and Five: (Watercolour exercise)

img_8203Pages six and seven: (collage)

img_8204Pages eight and nine: (Collage)


For the back cover I decided to select one of my gelli prints which reflects cool colours.


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