Assign 3 Part 3 Proj 1 Research Point 1

Assign 3, Part 3 Proj 1 Research Point 1

I decided that using Pinterest was probably the best way to research the designers listed in our assignment, viz, Voyage Decoration, Marimekko , Mary Katrantzou, Wallace Sewell, Cole & Sons, Norma Starszakowna, Paul Smith, Vlisco and Ptolemy Mann.

The link to my Pinterest page is :

Rebecca’s Pinterest

I found the work of the designers fascinating and inspiring.

I have now to consider :

  • how do the designers control the colour in their designs?
  • what(if any) is their signature way of using colour?

I have to choose some key pieces to analyse –

  • do they demonstrate interesting proportions of colour?
  • does the colour used work well with the actual design?
  • which is more important the colour or the design? Or are they independent?

For me also it is the mood created by the pieces.


This is a brand well known in Australia producing for the last 60 years colour and patterned pieces for living areas bedrooms, bedrooms and bathrooms and beyond.  It was founded in Finland.

Marimekko founder Armi Ratia once said:

“To be part of our everyday life and to make our every secret dream come true – no more, no less. That’s how I see Marimekko’s future” (In patterns marimekko,p6).

To me this sums up the current relationship between the Marimekko product design and everyday modern life.  Marimekko patterns are bold, colourful, creative and intuitive.  They are created having consideration for how they will be used, the place and situation.  The type of customer who might buy Marimekko is also very paramount to the company. What hits me most is the colour – it is vibrant and energising.  The combination of colour is exciting.


Marimekko – saved from Pinterest – source

The black and white prints are pulsating.  All designs make a real statement.img_8877

Marimekko – saved from Pinterest – source

Reference book:

“In Patterns   marimekko”, 2012, Chronicle Books, San Francisco

Wallace Sewell

I was fortunate to see Wallace Sewell scarves when I was in London last year and visited the UK Handweavers Studio.  I was drawn to them because of the ‘grid like’ design and the colour combinations.  I think the two are interdependent in terms of the work I saw.


Wallace Sewell scarves saved from Pinterest – source Tate Shop.


Wallace Sewell multicolour kew shetland waffle throw saved from Pinterest – source

The colours work together and are harmonious which suits I think the nature of the product like a warm scarf and waffle throw. The core design is basic but it works for the type of product.

Overall the designers I have highlighted illustrate to me the importance of examining the product being produced what it will be used and /or the type of consumer it is being produced for.  This then can influence the design and the colour.  Different consumers may be drawn to the bold Marimekko colour and design to say the mostly more conservative Wallace Sewell.  What sort of feel or lifestyle as a textile designer are you trying to create becomes a very important question.

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