Assign 3, Part 3, Proj 1 Research Point 2

Assign 3, Part 3, Proj 1 Research Point 2

It was noted from my course material that digital resources are being used increasingly in the development and creation of textiles.  We were provided with a list of some of the simple resources that are available and which allow the textile person to explore colour on screen.

Because I use Adobe products I decided to try the Adobe Color CC app but I found it was not available in the Australian Store, only the Maltese one.  However, I then used the link provided in our course notes and I could access the colour wheel on my Macbook.  So I decided to try my iPad again using the link in the course notes and up came Adobe Capture CC which I then proceeded to download the app.

I took a photo on my iPad of a flower in my garden and used the App.  The result is below:


I then applied aspects of the flower.  Result Color Theme 2 and Color Them 4.img_8881img_8885

I continued and started to built a Library of colours see photograph below:img_8894

I found this tool useful especially for a graphic designer as you can build up a Library of colours and combinations.  For me I would not use it – I like the serendipity of playing with colour especially using dye and paint.  I procion cold water dye a lot of fabric and love trying to combine dyes and experiencing the wonder of the combinations.  I also have a detailed dye book of maybe 500 combinations of dyes varied by dilution to refer too.

I have also looked at Blendoku another colour app which is about colour mastery with palettes and layouts all hand designed and crafted to test your colour skills.  This was fun to play with.

I think for the type of textile and mixed media work I do that I would not use digital colour tools.  My answer would be very different I think if I was designing commercial fabric or doing graphic design work.


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