Assignment Three – Written Reflection

I enjoyed this Assignment and course work.

Colour matching to the fabrics provided me with the opportunity to really examine the chosen fabrics and experiment with matching the paint samples using gouache paint which was new to me.  The extension of the exercise in part 2 was challenging to make sure that the colours matched.  I found the gouache paint a bit streaky compared to acrylic.

The challenge of interpreting the selected painting into yarn was very interesting and I think I did this exercise well.  Once again this made me really look at the colours in the painting intensely and the shades and tones in my thread/yarn collection.

I found Project 2 hard to start for some reason.  I think I was intimidated by the thought of really looking at the glass I am not sure why.  Once I finally got going though it was alright.  I actually set my glassware arrangements up on the table in the alfresco area outside my house and the light was really good and I became so much more aware of the hints of colour showing in the glass.  Very interesting.  I emphasised the colours in undertaking the exercise.

Collage studies was good but stretching because I had to work from my ‘messy’ photograph of the pantry rather than selecting my own inspiration which was, of course, the idea of the exercise.  I thought by the time I got to my final version(in the Colour Resource Book) I was starting to get something happening i.e. more movement.  I loved collage as a technique for both paper and for textiles and will continue to research and do work using this method as part of my textile practice.

The Colour Resource Book took lots of thought on my part.  I learned two things I am very visual (I messed things up until I saw a U Tube video demonstrating the Crop a Dile tool) and second that I problem solve a lot in my head before I actually do anything physical.  This may be something I need to work on i.e. getting those thoughts down in my sketchbook or notebook instead of having them rattling around in my head.  I am also in terms of my previous corporate management life an extrovert for problem solving so I miss not being able to discuss or debate ideas or problems with other students.  Our email group of students doing ATV has been of some assistance with this issue.

Against the Assessment Criteria I think that I am competent in terms of the technical skills required for this Assignment.  I think my Colour Resource Book is presented satisfactorily and visually is appealing.  In terms of demonstration of creativity in terms of imagination, experimentation, invention and development of a personal voice I think the last page presented, of my Colour Resource Book, with the Collage in black and white with the orange pop is the sort of work I should be aiming to do much more of. I spend time reading and working on the outline of the exercises and the Assignment, however, I think I should be asking myself to “Now take it further – what if….”.  If I do this on each exercise I will stretch myself rather than just trying to achieve what is asked of me.  With the Context criterion I think I can reflect and research reasonably.

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