Sketchbook – Everyday and Margaret Olley

I have been drawing in a sketchbook based on the Everyday.  I have visited recently to the Muwillumbah Art Gallery(on the North Coast of NSW) and saw the wonderful exhibition by the painter Margaret Olley’s (1923-2011) and the amazing Margaret Olley Art Centre.  I also went to the New England Regional Art Museum in Armidale in north west NSW last month and viewed the painting they acquired by donations and fundraising called the “Yellow Room Triptych 2007”.  Margaret is a much loved Australian artist and her subject matter was still life; interiors; landscape and self portraits.  The processes she used were painting, drawing and watercolour and print.  The Margaret Olley Art Centre houses a re-creation of rooms from Margaret’s home studio and includes elements of her home and collections.  It is fascinating and drew me to think about the everyday.  Very many of Margaret’s paintings feature still life and interior subjects.


cover of “Margaret Olley”, Barry Pearce, 1996, The Art Gallery of New South Wales

img_8220Booklet produced by Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre – Murwillumbah, NSW

This made me think that in practicing my sketching I should look at the “Everyday”.  Some pages from my sketchbook are below. The group of jugs is in 2B pencil, the standalone jug is charcoal and the old spoon is pencil 2B.


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