Exercise 4.2 Experimental yarns and concepts (4.2.1 and 4.2.2)

The aim of this exercise is to help me to explore colour translation and development in yarn design and making and to explore textures and unexpected materials in the creation of yarn concepts and designs. I will need to look at work in Exercise 3.1  colour work and gather a range of materials to create linear concepts that reflect these selected colours (threads, paper, plastic, wire, feathers.

I read through the whole of Exercise 4.2 and its components and decided to draw in my Sketchbook examples of the type of yarns I might create.


4.2.1 Explore Colour placement and composition.

I decided to use one of my Exercise 3.1 Gouache studies to inspire the yarns.


I found it interesting trying to match the colours of my exercise piece.  Reflecting on my Sketchbook work I chose to produce the first yarn using green sea glass which has the translucency of the green leaves in my textile sample above and orange wire.  The orange appears in the centre of the flowers above.  I used a wrapping technique to secure the sea glass.


For the next piece I selected five threads that were as close as I could get to the sample.  I found this challenging because I have a largish collection of threads but it is quite difficult to find one one that is a match.  I knotted these threads with a long distance so as to better see the colours.


For the third yarn I reflected the pink and selected the orange.  I used foam tube for the pink and orange thread.  I wrapped the thread to demonstrate the proportions of the colours presented in the fabric sample.

As mentioned this exercise challenged me in terms of the myriad of colours in a particular family of colour.  This has made me think more about what I am actually seeing to take more notice.  Also the relationship of colours to each other – a colour presents in one way next to white but in another next to grey for example.  My samples were presented on a white background but the colours may look different on grey.

4.2.2 Material Exploration

Well it is a really hot day here in Brisbane so I decided to stay with my colour exercise from 3.1 shown above.  The bright clear colours reflected the bright blue sky and sunlight and the greens of the native plants in the garden and the orange bourganvillia bush.

For the first yarn I used clear yellow and green mini pom poms and orange wire.  I thought these resulted in a playful piece of yarn.  Could look good in a South Pacific type textile piece.


Trying to find different types of material for the yarn I found some packing material which had come with some string I had ordered and I wove two different threads through the slashed type material.  I can see this material imitating bark fibres woven in Pacific baskets and which could be interpreted  in a textile piece.


My next yarn was influenced by the colours and nature of my 3.1 colour exercise.  I found a small packet of skeleton leaves and threaded  these into a yarn. These little leaves are so useful in a variety of textile and journaling type work.  I also could use real leaves but decided that as I am sending these to the UK and they will be sent back Australian Customs may not like plant materials coming in even though of course they came from Australia in the beginning!


I play golf sometimes so raided my golf bag and used the idea of golf tees being incorporated into a yarn piece.  The string used is in the pink tones of small areas of my colour study piece 3.1 and is a knitted viscose cotton blend.  I love the shade. So a fun yarn.


The final piece of yarn is influenced by my recycle or reuse approach and I have made paper beads from free flyers put in the letterbox once again I tried to keep the colours within the range of my textile sample 3.1.  I used thin wire to thread the beads.


My computer is playing up so I will make Exercise 4.2.3 a separate blog post with my overall summary.





2 thoughts on “Exercise 4.2 Experimental yarns and concepts (4.2.1 and 4.2.2)

  1. Wow you have been really creative with those yarn samples they look great fun. The drawings on the sketchbook pages are lovely too, I think it was good to share them they look bold and unselfconscious.


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