Book: Moments of Being


The Book “ Moments of Being” by Debbie Lyddon I purchased from Debbie’s website because I really like her textile work. In the book Debbie describes her relationship to Wells-next-the Sea on the North Norfolk coast and the context for the observations and memories that form the basis for her art practice.

The major part of the book shows photographs of 7 Sluice Creek Cloths made by Debbie and she has discussed the pierced cloth and the hole marks in the pieces. The holes are edged with thread bound iron wire and the pieces have been placed in the salt water to speed the change and the rusting from the iron rings. The work is beautiful rugged and to me raw.

There are a number of small works in the book including Salt Works; Liminal Objects and, my favourite, the Marshscape Collages. Debbie discusses how she records and documents the experience of her surroundings. She indicates that her sketchbook has “as many pages of writing as it has drawings”. The writings may be about the weather, the light, the sounds and the colours. She seldom makes work that comes directly from her recording but it increases her awareness of what she sees and experiences in the world around her.

I very much love this little book and living on the other side of the world I have not been able to see her art work but this book gives me insights into her approaches and photographs of her work.

2 thoughts on “Book: Moments of Being

  1. I was lucky enough to meet Debbie at the Knitting and Stitching show at the Alexandra Palance last year. (I was a little star struck actually). her work is even better in real life, I really love the grey and yellow combination and the depth when viewing layers through the holes. beautiful.


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