Reflection – Development

I read Rebecca Fairley’s great article on “The Question of Development” this morning and I thought about the contents  in general and specifically.  I have undertaken several workshops with Nancy Crow a very important free form quilter from the USA who has worked in the area since the late 1970s.  Her work is displayed in Art Galleries and Museums in USA.  Nancy travelled to New Zealand where I was living until recent years for the workshops (Nancy loves New Zealand). She made us each do our designing directly on our own eight feet by eight feet design wall – auditioning fabrics, cutting out shapes, being aware of colour connections, lines and figure and ground.  Nancy sees “Art as a process of Discovery and not knowing ahead of time exactly what you are making”.

Reading Rebecca’s article and reflecting on my time with Nancy I can see more clearly the approach to development of my work.  How I should be approach the course – the wonder of discovery, playfulness, the energy this approach creates, the excitement. I need as Rebecca says the ‘space to think.’ I also need to get into the habit more of writing it down (as mentioned in a previous post in Part 3). I need to be mindful of  the point that the ‘form the development of your work takes will change from project to project.’



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