Exercise 4.5 Collage-inspired Yarn

This exercise is aimed at finding ways to translate making techniques and approaches using collage work into yarn concepts with a focus on flat yarns.

I looked back at my work produced in Exercise 3.4 and selected some for inspiration. These were:

I let the colour and the materials on had on hand direct my approach to this exercise.

First I went to my wire which was orange and bent it around a round shaped bottle to achieve organic circles which I then threaded with silk hand dyed thread. This was influenced by my collage on the lefthand size with the orange and the blue overlay.


The next collage-inspired yarn was made using some florist ribbon and some dyed scrim.  This was attached using the sewing machine. Inspired again by my multi coloured collage.

img_8328The third piece was made up of neutral colours layered influenced by my collage in the bottom right hand corner above. There is hessian as the base with hand dyed blackish cotton fabric layered and cream tape placed on top.  Also secured by machine stitch.


img_8329Fourth I took a piece of my hand dyed orange primatex cotton and a piece of wrapping cord I made with turquoise scrap fabric very narrow and zigzagged this to the orange cotton by machine. The orange and blue combination like my collage piece.

img_8330The final piece I made was inspired by my blue collage in the top righthand corner above. I layered blue hand dyed tape followed by some of my hand dyed cotton fabric and finally a shiny ribbon type thread which I attached by using a large running stitch.


Overall, my focus was on a ‘ flat’ construction in the yarn designs.


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