Part Four Yarn and linear exploration Review Point: Demonstration of Creativity

Demonstration of creativity.  This criterion is defined in terms of ‘imagination, experimentation, invention, development of a personal voice’.

I feel that I am improving in the demonstration of my creativity. I am less rigid in my approach I think more now of my textile exercises in terms of a creative challenge to find materials I already have or have a different use for example.  To try to be inventive in my approach to try not to be influenced by other work I have seen or seen displayed in books or magazines. To strive to be original that does not mean I have achieved that but that is my aim now. To approach an exercise from the point of view that I can do this but what if I take the idea further how far can I stretch it.

The work of artists that I have been made aware of during the course (English painters I did not know before) and other famous painters whose work I have now examined in a more curious and thoughtful way is helping me to see or think more broadly.  Also traditional themes like Australian Aboriginal artists, Indonesian national artists, the Pacific artists and work by Indian artists now find their way into my book library.

Once I got going on Part 4 and did not constrain myself it was great.  As all my work is shown on my blog I think I could work on being more inventive with my photography. I also think my computer skills with WordPress need improvement and I keep delaying that so I can focus on my course.

I have been challenged by the difference of a textile degree level course and courses I have undertaken at at degree level or above in business and law.  I have had to come to terms with exercises and the ‘making’ I think I am getting better with that aspect.


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