Assignment Four A Yarn Collection

Assignment Four requires me to address the presentation of my work from Projects 1 and 2 as a collection.  Whilst it is an opportunity to be creative and imaginative I also have to make sure it can travel successfully from Australia to the UK.  I was thinking that I would keep my presentation simple with clean lines.  I note in the description of the Assignment that white or very pale coloured backgrounds are the most effective and contemporary way to present colour and that good quality paper or lightweight card can also make a big difference.

I also note that considering the ordering of the exploratory samples and my evaluation of them and my evaluation of them through my method of presenting are important factors. I should also include copies of the imagery or paper work used to develop my yarns.  This is a major component of showing my ability to translate colour, composition, proportion, and qualities of Part Four.

I need to label the work and order it clearly.

I have thought about various ways to present my work within the constraints of overseas journeys and simplicity.  I have decided to try attaching to sketchbook paper, although I did consider thick tracing paper, and placing for extra protection within  a Clear Display Book with clearly marked labelling.  I had thought about colouring the sketchbook paper but I decided that will not show off the yarn compositions in the best light.

My work will now be posted with Australia Post to my Tutor.

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