Part 4 Yarn and Linear Exploration Written Reflection

Undertaking Part 4 started off with me really questioning how I was going to design all the yarns and ended with me excited about the yarns I had created and the potential of these yarns.

I found that drawing examples of the types of yarns I could make in my sketchbook was really useful for freeing up my thinking for the exercises.

I felt along the way that a big light had come on and I could understand conceptually and in actual making how better to approach the work.  I became more open, freer, more experimental in my approach.  I wrote about this in my blog post “Development – Reflection”. My interest in repurposing materials and looking at the natural world for ideas seemed to flow in my work.

I love colour and that assisted me I think in my approach.  I could find a colour I wanted (something like a painter) and then particular texture (type of thread, wire etc) I was trying to create.  In the process I have used different materials like sea glass, bark, plastic foam, plastic sheeting, wire etc and felt good trying these materials.

I think my biggest challenge is managing and approaching my time given outside of study needs, and being able to complete my assignments much faster. In reflecting on this comment I think it is more than that I have begun to understand how better to engage in the tasks and reflect I hope more effectively.  I grappled with how to approach a series of exercises as opposed to other higher education study in the past where I had to do a major essay, research report.  I have had to retrain my approach. I have done this more recently by allocating blocks of time to my study rather than frequent small amounts of time and then distraction.  By focusing on larger blocks of time I can better assemble the materials and then think more creatively with the luxury of knowing I don’t have to finish in 30 minutes.

In addition, the approach I could take from now is to spend more time early on in a Project to elaborate  what I want to gain from critically reflection and the approach that will  best work for me in how to achieve that outcome.  I have identified one strategy and that is the clear allocation of blocks of time. Stella Cottrell (2011)provides a seven step framework for deciding further on an approach and I will work through these steps to assist me.

Reference:  Stella Cottrell, 2011, “Critical Thinking Skills, Palgrave Macmillan


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