Part 5 Reflection Laboratory versus Factory

I have been pondering the quote at the commencement of the Part 5 course notes:

“The studio is a laboratory, not a factory.  An exhibition is the result of your experiments, but the process is never-ending.  So an exhibition is not a conclusion.”(Chris Ofili)

I think when I am doing work for this OCA course I see the Studio as a laboratory a chance to try new ideas, grow and be challenged.

My other textile work can be more like a factory doing art quilts for Exhibition working on a series but being safe to satisfy maybe what is expected.  I just spoke last week to 150 quilters from Queensland Quilt Guild about my art quilting and in preparing for the talk I looked at my conclusion which was to talk about my studies with OCA and how it is stretching me and it was interesting because people liked the quilts I showed and my journey but there were several who were really interested in being challenged to go out of their comfort zone.  OCA makes me want to have the Studio as a laboratory and to approach it each day in that way.

My OCA work is only work in progress thus far but it is changing my approach to textiles I enjoy the challenges it presents.  I think the work I have done so far has given me lots of ideas for future work and freed me up to approach work more experimentally and to explore.

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