Part 5 – Reflection -How to look at textiles

I have read the blog post of 2 March 2017 by Rebecca Fairley ( titled “How to look at Textiles”.  I found this post very important to my textile studies.

My notes from the Blog Article are:

Why – is LOOKING important?

  • ‘To gain a depth of understanding of individual textile pieces’ which is vital to my academic thinking and a vital component of my study at degree level.  I will gain knowledge and see that there are certain qualities in textiles and thus be more able to consider a range of textiles
  • I will be able to use my knowledge gained and build up and inform my own work in a more meaningful and engaging way.

Where to START?

  • “Looking” is a skill so you need to develop it
  • TIME- knowledge comes from looking in a range of areas e.g. photograph, piece of cloth, artefact in a museum.  Need to take TIME to really look – meditate not rush!

Framework of ELEMENTS

Three main areas in Framework:

  1.   Materials, techniques and processes – how is a work made (I have always been intrigued  by this element and I try hard to figure out a piece)
  2.  Qualities – colour, scale, tactileness (if possible), drape, texture
  3.  Approach, context and meaning – historical, culturally, contemporary environment e.g. tapa cloth and its contemporary use, influence of the patterns and fine art


The hardest one I think.  What do I see?  What meanings does a piece of work convey?


I need to really develop further this skill so I will do a series of examining different textile works and write up on this blog.




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