Glenys Mann – Textile Artist – Research

As part of my upskilling in terms of LOOKING at textiles – see my previous blogpost. I have chosen to consider a textile piece by Glenys Mann of Victoria Australia which was the only Australian entry chosen for the World of Threads exhibition in Ontario.  Glenys’ piece os titled “Waiting #1:Remembrance, Women’s Loss”. I have only seen photos of this piece.

glenysimg_1506In terms of the Framework of Elements suggested by Rebecca Fairley in the recent OCA blog post I have examined and researched the quilt to see how it was made.

It is a single bed woollen blanket, with red wool yarn, with french knot stitching.  I do not know the dimensions of the piece. I assume it is only one thickness (e.g. a textile piece not a traditional quilt of three layers).

I like the choice of colours and the scale of the knots.  The drape of the piece suggests the softness of the wool with the contrast of the texture of the french knots. You can see the blanket is old by the staining on the sides.

iglenys-close-upmg_1495In terms of the subject I look at the piece and see war and loss.  Maybe the french knots represent soldiers who died.  There is a cross formed from the centre out and this reinforces these thoughts.  The colour of the wool thread chosen for the french knots – red – also suggests to me blood and dying.

Glenys has a website with more interesting work




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