Tutor Feedback Assignment Four

I received my feedback from my Tutor Rebecca a week ago.  I was very happy with the comments made.  I have reread the feedback document and made notes concerning my strengths and areas for improvement.

Overall Comments

This was the first actual work I have sent to my Tutor(all the rest has been digital) and she was pleased to receive. In summary my Tutor said : My work was well organised and interesting with evidence of investigation.  My learning log was easy to navigate and informative with evidence of both reflective and critical thinking.  I had a level of engagement with the Weareoca.com blog posts  and I had put effort into looking and thinking about my creativity and the creativity of others.

My Comment

Was pleased to see that my efforts to really understand reflective and critical thinking are well placed.

Engagement with textile techniques

Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity.

In general I showed evidence of purposefully using work from previous sections of the course to develop ideas.  My Tutor enjoyed looking at my experimental materials and my willingness to look outside conventional textile materials. It was suggested that I could have gone further with the tape and eyelet example and to make into a small series. The comment was made that I used a wide colour palter with striking bright tones to subtle neutrals.  It was suggested I continue to investigate materials, techniques and colour and aim to push what I already know to discover new ways of creating textiles.

My Comments

I will take the tape and eyelet example further I think that will be fun.  As mentioned on my blog I will continue to gather research and to experiment with new ways of creating textiles.


Demonstration of technical and visual skills, Demonstration of creativity.

I did not provide evidence of fresh observational drawing for the assignment.  It was suggested I draw regularly and use sketching to study the yarns I have made from my assignment to help develop my drawing skills.  I should do this in a wide range of media including ink, charcoal and pastels in a variety of scales from small to very large at least A3.

My Comment

I seem to be all to organise myself with my textile work and reflective and critical thinking but with my drawing I do bits on pieces on sketch paper I have a load of sketchbooks and art materials but my approach is disorganised and adhoc.  My approach is I would like to draw a subject e.g. leaves  but then think does that fit in with my current assignment material and the moment is lost.  I really liked my Tutor’s suggestion to sketch my yarns and will do when my folder arrives back here.  I need to use more widely some of my art material supplies.


Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis

In this area I have not documented my research into other practitioners which I do almost daily but fail to put in my learning Blog.  Suggestions have been made into how I should approach documenting my investigation and images  as well as look at the OCA textiles Pinterest page.

My Comments

Need to get to work on this I just read and follow textile practitioners as a matter of course but I can now clearly see the gap in my documentation! I appreciate the suggestions made on documenting and analysing this work. I do look at the OCA textiles Pinterest page regularly but once again I have not documented this activity.

Learning Log

Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis

Tutor happy I am really getting to grips with reflective and critical thinking.  Rebecca thought my framework “A Structured Approach to Reflective Thinking contains excellent prompts. She also thought that my reflective writing was beginning to be more purposeful in the way I look at my own work and the processes I use.  Tutor thinks this is excellent and it is suggested I continue to develop these thinking skills

My Comments

Really pleased with this feedback and I will continue to develop my academic thinking skills.

Pointers for the next Assignment (from Tutor)

  • Reflect on this feedback in your learning log
  • maintain an investigative approach to your creativity
  • use observational drawing as part of the reflective process by drawing your outcomes
  • use research to inspire and influence the direction of your work
  • continue to develop your academic thinking skills

My To Do List from this Feedback.

  1.  Expand tape and eyelet example into a small series. Continue to research and experiment with approaches to creating textiles
  2. Drawing more systematic and focused approach.  Sketch my yarns. Use more varied materials.
  3. Write up research into other practitioners. Follow suggested method of analysing images for Debbie Lyddon book and other materials.
  4. Think about schematically(flow diagram) how these activities all relate to each other so I do not miss doing critical parts.



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