Cas Holmes – Mote Tree 8 collage

As suggested by my Tutor I should be recording my exploration of the work of others so in this post I am discussing a collage piece I have acquired  by Cas Holmes called “Mote Tree 8”.  An image of the piece is below:

Cas HolmesIMG_8360The subject of the piece attracted me first I am inspired and attracted to trees as subjects for textile work.  It is so interesting to see a small piece like this up front.  There is a mixture of paper and fabric for the background.  The paper includes a contour map segment.  Scrim is also used along with fine cotton or silk.  This background is all very subtle and the combination of colours is well matched with the pale green up in the right hand corner adding interest.  This was a lesson for me as I like working in collage but mine have been bright and the pieces more regular and the results have not always been successful.  So much detail when you really look at the combinations of background materials and thought process in Cas’s piece.

The other item that really struck me was the use of dark green cotton to machine draw the tree.  So many pieces I have seen use black but the dark green is very successful and works well with the background colours.  The machine stitching itself is interesting with single lines in some places and several lines of stitch for example on the left side of the trunk which to me suggests shade and texture on the trunk.

This piece is valuable for me as inspiration for  my further collage work.


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