Follow Up Debbie Lyddon book

As suggested by my Tutor in her feedback for Assignment Four I am going to review two images from Debbie Lyddon’s book “Moments of Being”(2016) and discuss what I see, the materials, the techniques and the colours and my feelings and learnings.

The first image is from The Sluice Creek Cloths:

Debbie L 1IMG_8353

Debbie Lyddon image from “Masts and Halyards 1” – Sluice Creek Cloth

Debbie Lynddon “Marsh Shadows”- Sluice Creek Cloth

The Sluice Creek Cloths are a series of seven that are aimed to represent the movement and change of natural process in space and over time.  In the first image selected Masts and Halyards 1 I was drawn to the holes and the space through the holes – the emptiness.   I really liked the shape that Debbie has used and the way she has used two layers of shapes – larger and smaller and different sizes and the effect this creates – the dimension.  The texture created in the work attracts me with the roughness of the canvas linen and the raised surface of the holes.  The surroundings of the holes are made of wire which has been overcast with thread. One can see that the wire has rusted and given the location it would be caused by the putting of the Cloth into the sea to create the rust. This illustrates to me the degeneration of the cloth and makes me wonder about the background to this effect. The movement of the sea could be a factor and the rawness to me of the pounding of the sea.  The sound of the sea and the wildness of the sea are important.  A halyard is a line for hoisting or lowering a sail so to me that uses energy and that is also reflected in the Cloth piece.   The colours Debbie has chosen I think reflect the colour of the sea and the creek in that area.

The second image is from the “Marshscapes Collage #3/16” in ‘Moments of Being’

Debbie L 3IMG_8485I like the subtle colours used in this piece but with the small bright yellow which gives life. The shapes are simple but strong.  The pale colour at the top suggests light that is also reflected in part of the foreground.  Texture is created with the stitching with the straight lines at the top and the wonderful loops in middle and foreground.  The different shades of grey, black and white in the loops creates interest and energy.  The fabric used is linen with wax used in places with scratching. I really like the ruggedness of these collage pieces and the combination of shapes, colour and stitch and I can see me being influenced by Debbie’s work in my own work but in my own context and natural surroundings which are very different.



2 thoughts on “Follow Up Debbie Lyddon book

  1. Very interesting and thoughtful study of these artworks. I very much like Debbie Lyddon’s work and I agree with your summation that it would be more apt to try to represent the landscapes and environments that you see every day to make it more personal and relevant.


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