Selvedge Magazine #75 – Yarn File

The latest UK Selvedge Magazine (#75) magazine arrived today and there are several articles relevant to my Yarn File.

Selvedge coverIMG_8506

The first is “Old Blue Jeans”(p7) which deals with sustainability.  A Guatamalan company Iris Textiles is using scraps of denim that would otherwise be rubbish to give a second life by transforming them into new fabric.  The denim waste is ground down for its fibres and then respun to create fine yarns which are converted into rejuvenated cotton.  This rejuvenated cotton is used for bedding, shoes, bags and clothing. I thought this was a tremendous project and making a contribution to zero waste.

Another interesting article in the magazine is “Linenopolis”(p46) which discusses breathing new life into Irish Linen.  The mechanisation of Irish linen was centred in Belfast, Irelands ‘Linenopolis’ in the 1860s.  With synthetic fabrics and rising cost of manufacture Irish Linen has been reduced to a handful of mills.  The article describes  a small mill called Derrylane Flax-Mills near Limavady in County Derry which is a linen weaving mill producing good quality cloth.  Hermann Bauer and Marion Baur came to Ireland in 1989 and renovated a 250 year old flax scutching mill which now produces machine and handwoven linen.  Some of the flax is grown in Ireland and the rest in Europe.

The Derryland Flax-Mills product is finished nearby at William Clark and Sons linen finished mill at Maghera.  This company produces digital printed linen and is Ireland’s last producer of beetled linen which gives the linen a lustrous sheen.


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