My Review of Formative Feedback

Before undertaking Project 1 Part 5 I am reviewing my Tutor’s Formative Feedback for Assignments 1,2, and 3   so that I can build on this material together with other research and the recent feedback for Assignment 4.

My new notes below are based on my rereading and further reflecting on selected areas on my Tutor’s Formative Feedback  on Assignment One resulting in what I think is important to me now.  I have only areas of the feedback that I feel I still should be developing further or need to reflect on further to make sure I have improved.

Assignment One

Demonstration of Technical and visual skills, quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity

  • a thorough exploration by drawing and redrawing an object helps to find shapes, forms and textures to inspire me
  • collage – good to add
  • responded to Research material and used further e.g. Rosanna Wells


Have I looked hard at other practitioners work and fed that into my own practice?


Given my work is on a Blog I need to print out my Research material and put it in a folder to make sure I am actually remembering to write material up.  I suspect not.  I read about textile artists and view textiles every day on websites, Instagram, Facebook, SAQA (I am a member), magazines (I subscribe to Selvedge, Upper case I buy when I can find it, Embroidery (UK), digital copy of Surface Design(USA). Need to analyse add my own thoughts and ideas about the work selected by me for documentation e.g. materials, techniques, colour palette and composition.  This will help me to develop my own ideas and style.

Drawing – Tutor comments Assign 1

  • Drawing – practice, practice, practice – keep drawing materials loose by not holding the pencil/pen too tightly
  • try holding the pencil/pen in different places to achieve different marks
  • don’t worry if drawing does not appear to represent the object drawn.  Each drawing will be an improvement on the next
  • draw regularly in range of mediums also A3 and A2
  • use a range of surfaces to draw onto and use different thicknesses of paper
  • do close ups of work on Blog
  • consider what has the artist done well, what have they achieved e.g. materials, colours, composition


Make sure drawing with a range of mediums – needs more work

Recommended Reading and my Update

Steal like an Artist (have a copy now have looked through –  reread)

Weareoca – ‘So what is Research'(printed out and read but need to reread)

Slow Stitch – Claire Wellesley-Smith ( have a copy now and have read I love this book)

Mark Making in Textile Art – Helen Parrott (have copy now and have read)

Drawn to Stitch – Gwen Hedley (had a copy before commenced course have read )

Assignment Two 

Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis

Learning Log

Include photographs of all pages of my sketchbook/workbook.

Include photographs of drawing work.

Include images of work in progress.


Include more general research material – Selvedge, Crafts, Galleries etc

Demonstration of technical and Visual skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity

Part 2 Surface and Stitch

Continue to explore new materials including those not mentioned in my course material.


Use more watercolours, water-soluble crayons and inks

Use Quirky tools e.g. long twigs, feathers

Use my analytical skills to make judgements about my drawing, giving myself constructive feedback on how to continue my development.


Kyra Cane ‘Making and Drawing’ – have a copy reading

Assignment Three

Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis

Learning Log

Take the work further be more adventurous in my creative practice.

Develop language that expresses what I see and how I feel about the work I make. Think in terms of colour balance, scales, tones, placement, composition, texture, surface etc. Explore how well things work together and what you can develop also have links to my research material e.g. a technique or colour palette by someone else


Why was I attracted to a particular piece of work and how can I use this in my own work?


Critical Thinking Skills by Stella Cottrell (well covered by me in later work)







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