Hannah Streefkerk Textile Artist

Hannah Streefkerk’s artworks are nature-orientated, inspired by natural elements like sea, water, land formations, trees, leaves, and landscapes.  There is a certain rhythm, pattern and structure which she takes the essences of various forms in nature and interprets them into site specific works of art.


Hannah Streefkerk working artist.IMG_1805 copy

Tree mended with yarn and stitches.IMG_1809

More subtle in scale leaf mending.

I had not heard of Hannah Streefkerk until I read a blog post by TextileArtist.org this morning.  I read the post and then went to Hannah’s website and looked through her gallery but particularly the her Art in Nature gallery.  I was drawn to her work because I love nature I thought it was so different and l thought it was different and on a large scale.  She lives is Sweden but is originally I think from the Netherlands and she has recently become a member of the 62 group of Textile Artists. Hannah lives in a forest and  uses or is inspired by the forest, for example, birch bark.  She has made a series of big leaves made of small pieces of birch bark sewed together.  This was exciting to me because I have made a little tiny use of the paperbark tree, in one of my yarn samples in Assignment 4, in my yard now I can see that I can make objects and stitch this bark and take it further!

Hannah uses thread and yarn in her work some is embroidery some is crocheting or sewing.  Mending the environment is a recurring theme designed to make the viewer aware of environmental issues. The stitch conveys much meaning and the big bold stitches on her tree work grab the viewers attention.  I also like the delicate work of mending a leaf and am going to go in search of a leaf needing repair and try Hannah’s approach.

Hannah also collects natural items and she is using all these items in her current work.  Using yarn and textile techniques she will present the objects like a cabinet des curiosities.  She will continue her site-specific works also.



My Pinterest page for Hannah:  https://au.pinterest.com/chocflower/hannah-streefkerk/

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