Assign5 Project 1 Developing Visual Research – Introduction

I contacted my Tutor as suggested in the outline to Project 1 Part 5 and indicated that I have decided to go with Option 1 Strengthening a theme with my selected theme in Part 1 Introductory Assignment being the Tropical Tourist.

I indicated that I planned to tackle the Project by first looking at my Model of Reflection A Structured Approach to Reflective Thinking from Assignment Four and reviewing all my work for Assignment One and my written feedback and the Tutor’s Feedback.  I also indicated that I would review my other written reflection and Tutor Feedback to date.  In addition, I would reflect further on my still life composition with a view to researching, progressing, integrating and strengthening it with the aim of providing more material for drawings and mark making and also that I can introduce colour.  I will then create eight to ten new drawings using a variety of media including fabric.

My tutor was happy with my proposal and “looks forward to the results”.

So to date as written in recent blog posts My Review of Formative Feedback I have reviewed all my Tutor feedback particularly in light of areas that need more reflection or work.

In addition, I have examined my Still Life Tropical Tourist from the Introductory Assignment Assignment One 1.1 Selection and Identifying.  I think the original Still Life is arranged in a very static manner and I am unhappy with the plaster pineapple too.  I was so taken with the work of Hannah Streefkerk Textile Artist which I wrote about in my blog/learning log two days ago and her land or nature textiles that I decided to take my still life out to sit amongst real tropical plants and also to use a real pineapple with all its texture. I wanted to achieve a more interesting and dynamic arrangement.

So this is my new Still Life.

IMG_8499I like the living palms and the passionfruit vines surrounding the real pineapple from North Queensland and the hibiscus, bougainvillaea and frangipani flowers – this to me depicts a tropical island more than my previous still life.  I like the variety of textures, shapes, structures and lines also in the composition and the colours.  I will now proceed to capture this scene with new drawings and mark making.



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