Part 5 Project 1 – Drawings

Further to my blogpost Assign5 Project 1 Developing Visual Research – Introduction I have undertaken a series of drawings using a variety of media and any size I wished based on my Introductory Assignment topic – Tropical Tourist.  I have selected those below to present as Project 1.

First I worked in pencil and drew items in my new Tropical Tourist arrangements.

IMG_86265.1.1 Line drawing of pineapples using wax crayon, made without looking at the page while drawing on A2 size watercolour paper

This method creates movement and excitement and has potential for design.

IMG_86285.1.2 Derwent Graphic pencils HB, 2B and 4B on Bockingford A3 paper 150grms of passionfruit leaf and passionfruit flower

These drawings form part of a collection of useful drawings for development into design, tone and colour.

IMG_86435.1.3 Faber Castel Graphite Pencils HB, 2B and 4B 185gsm cold pressed Arches Aquarelle of Pineapple. A4 size

Drawing this pineapple made me really look intently at the texture and leaves of the fruit and this has raised my awareness of the shape of the skin of the pineapple and the roughness of this skin.  I became more aware of the shape of the components of the pineapple and the leaves.

IMG_86295.1.4 Derwent Graphite stick on Bank paper(thin weight) using a template I drew and cut out of card of a pineapple I put the template underneath the paper and did several rubbings.  About A4 size

This type of mixed media approach creates great images for design and further work on paper and fabric.  Different types of paper can be used and different media to do the actual rubbings for further study.

IMG_86315.1.5 I made a wire outline of the pineapple and placed underneath Bank Paper I then did a rubbing using wax pastel moving the template. A little larger than A5.

I liked the effect of the wire rubbings and the ‘noise’ around the outline I think this has lots of potential on both paper and fabric using a variety of objects as inspiration.

IMG_86365.1.6 Acrylic paint mono printing using an A4 mono printing plate made of a laminated sheet with my own handout freezer paper stencil

I did a whole lot of these mono prints but selected these four as part of the blog. Each print is different and working with two colours on the printing plate was different for me.  The effect is to creates interest.  This would go well on fabric too.

IMG_86385.1.7 I painted black gesso on the Bockingford 150gsm paper and back drew a frangipani using white wax pastel drawn behind a frangipani photo and a biro to do the outline and shading.  Smaller than A4.

I liked the texture of the wax pastel on the chalky black gesso and the white on black effect.

IMG_86415.1.8 I used some more of the paper I had painted with black gesso and back drew the outline roughly of the hibiscus flower using coloured wax pastel I then drew in the wax pastel and smudged with my finger. Smaller than A4.

These ‘pop’ on the black gesso background.  I have never used wax pastel before so thought this was a good way to commence my discovery of this media.  I liked the oily type surface created by the pastel and the boldness of the lines.

There is so much scope for developing a wealth of drawings but I am mindful that I have to hurry along on the other parts of Part 5.  In the future I would like to explore ink and wash, pastel and pen, charcoal, watercolour, a large variety of paper surfaces and scratching back into gesso.


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