Project 2 Building A Response 2.3 Develop textile concepts

Using my new drawings from Project 1 as a source of inspiration, develop a series of textile concepts, using papers and other surfaces to develop material ideas, textures and structures and begin to explore ideas of material manipulation in conjunction with the possibilities of stitch. Look back at Part 2.  Develop 10 to 15 textile concepts.

To tackle this Project I have undertaken a series of paper pieces based on my Project 1 drawings and my chosen Artist Georgia O’Keeffe.

My first series of work I started in a sketchbook but made a discovery that the 110gsm paper was too thin so I cut the pages I had completed out and sewed them in by machine to a new sketchbook which is 185 gsm arches hot pressed paper.

The first pieces are based on my chosen artist Georgia O’Keeffe.  I have placed some prints of Georgia’s work in my sketchbook but will not reproduce the actual photo here for copyright reasons.

My first piece is based on Georgia’s “Sunflower” 1935.


I hand carved my stamp using easy cut rubber and printed on a vintage New Zealand  newspaper and this was then given a wash of diluted procion red dye.

I liked Georgia O’Keeffe’s drawings in her book “Some Memories of Drawings” and decided to do a drawing on tracing paper of her No12 Special Drawing (1916) a copy of which is in my Sketchbook.

IMG_8690As noted I certainly did not achieve the same movement as Georgia but undertaking the study improved my observation skills.  Georgia used charcoal I used graphite pencil.  Taking my drawing further I decided to make a foam stamp of the main outlines and to print the positive and negative using one of Georgia’s favourite colours ‘red’.

I then used the stamp again using acrylic paint and then did a wash of bright red procion dye over the top.  My learning was that of course the stamp is reversed something to remember next time!

IMG_8693I kept going and sprayed the paper backing from the foam stencil with Tumble Dye and again used positive and negative.

The second series of pieces is based on my work on Project One (Part 5) the theme being Tropical Tourist.

My first piece is based on the hibiscus flower.  I painted tissutex paper with orange/red watercolour paint and scrunched up.  After this paper dried I unwrapped and stamped with another hand carved ezy carve stamp I made based on the hibiscus flower. I was basically looking at a monochromatic colour approach.  I chose the scrunched paper because hibiscus flowers get crinkly as they age.


I took a tracing of the top of my drawing of the pineapple and made a stencil.  I used light moulding paste through the stencil.  When dried I painted with watercolour and some dye.  I was trying to achieve the thick strong lines of the pineapple leaf.  I think I achieved this texture.

IMG_8698I was a little over all the colour so I created a small simple piece using washi tape and a pen outline of leaves similar to tropical leaves.  I think this would work for wallpaper.

IMG_8699I returned to the colour for the next piece which was my attempt to recreate the texture of the pineapple skin (Project 1 Part 5 drawing) which is really rough.  I used light molding paste again which is not heavy on the sketchbook page and a colour wash.  I am not so happy with this it has texture and shape but I am not sure it conveys much meaning.

IMG_8700The last piece I did was to capture the actual bougainvillea flower petals within florist cellophane.  I put a piece of linen thread in too to see how it went.  I used a hot iron with the cellophane between two pieces of baking paper.  I was happy with the result it achieved my aim of depicting the flower petals as light and floaty.



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