Research: Sally Blake Australian Artist –

Sally Blake, an Australian Artist,  likes to explore the relationship between the human and natural worlds and in particular rain and dyes from plants.  Sally uses a number of textile techniques – dyeing, basketry, weaving, stitching, piecing – as well as paper based media.

Sally Blakke basket

Her website is  on her website are her very interesting Gallery of Work and a fabulous resource “Eucalyptus Dyes”.  The Eucalyptus dye database is a project Sally undertook with the assistance of the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.  She studies the Eucalypts in the Australian National Botanical Garden for their dyes between June-November 2016. On her website Sally shares the links to the dye colours from both the leaves and the bark and also information about the recipes, fabrics and mordants that she used in the project.  I only found her website today and was so excited by the information provided that I thought I should share on this blog.


Sally is based in the Australian Capital Canberra which is a two hour airplane ride or a two day car trip from where I live in Brisbane much as I would love to see her work in person it is not possible so my comments are based on the photograph of her work reproduced above.

Sally has used a number of textile techniques in this piece including natural dyeing and weaving. The threads for the basket above were woven using a range of threads naturally dyed with the colours of eucalyptus species found in Canberra.  In this piece she uses dyed wool, silk and hemp.  Also copper wire is used.

I love this work it speaks of the beautiful eucalypts which we have in our country and such  variety of the species.  When I venture away from Australia the thing I miss is the smell of the eucalyptus leaves.  I particularly like the shape of this basket and the texture created by the weaving.  The colours created by the dyeing are amazing and most of her baskets are made from threads coloured from one eucalyptus species.  I particularly like the orange shade.


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