Part 5 Project 2, 2.4 Develop yarn and linear concepts

I enjoyed exploring yarn development and design in Part four and in Part Five I have to employ these approaches to develop yarns and linear concepts also working on my textile concepts.  I need to develop at least six to eight yarn concepts.

I first drew some ideas in my Sketchbook influenced by the colour and nature of my hibiscus and frangipani flowers in my Tropical Tourist composition.  I was looking to use approaches that were different or built on my yarn work in Part 4.

yarn sketchbook pageI decided to paint paper with watercolour paint to form part of my paper yarn collection.    Next red acrylic paint was used on decovil and also on bondaweb this reflects the colour of my frangipani and some hibiscus and also my Georgia O’Keefe theme of red as discussed earlier.

Paint and bondawebI cut the copy paper I had painted with orange and red watercolour paint into sizes around one quarter inch wide.

Yarn 1I then finger twisted the paper using my index finger and my thumb to make uneven type twists.

These paper twists were plaited.  I like the organic nature of the twisting and the possibilities for development into three dimensional and two dimensional work.

Yarn 2I also used the twisted paper yarn to make round flower like shapes on a background of two strips of the painted paper.

Yarn 3Here is a photograph of the pieces and my colour inspiration a hibiscus flower which has finished flowering.  I love the texture of the hibiscus flower petals it is crepe like.  I was happy with the way my coloured paper yarns reflect the colour and texture to some degree of the spent hibiscus flower.

Yarn 5The next piece uses the bondaweb which I painted with the red acrylic paint and then using an iron adhered to white cotton.  I then created a frangipani stamp quickly using adhesive foam and stamped several petals onto of the adhered bondaweb.  I sewed the piece together using a machine embroidery stitch for extra texture.  This technique has endless possibilities but maybe not so much as a yarn.

Bondaweb 1My next piece uses the painted decovil which is a synthetic cardboard like adhesive on one side fabric.  I stamped the frangipani using yellow acrylic paint and then placed eyelets in the middle of each frangipani.  I was encouraged by my Tutor in Part 4 to take the eyelet designs further.  This worked alright but the frangipani was a little pale. Using the decovil means that the edges will not unravel and this could be used as a trim or bookmark.

yarn 6

My last piece was made of wire and this was inspired by the green base of the hibiscus flower shown above.

yarn7 wireI used gardeners wire to make this one and think this could be useful as a yarn.


2 thoughts on “Part 5 Project 2, 2.4 Develop yarn and linear concepts

  1. I love the wire hibiscus yarn. I had a thought: you know when you blow bubbles and you dip the wand into the liquid and it fills the space? How cool would it be to colour your wire petals with something translucent? I have no idea what or how, it’s just a thought. Your blog reads like you are enjoying the freedom of Part Five- great stuff!


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